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 Welcome to your source for communication --especially interspecies communication !!!!

     All communication is two-way.  Even intra-personally, (within your own head)  there is always an answer.  Just don't answer out loud unless you use a Blu-tooth headset a lot or the 'ProZoloft' Police will find you.  The nature of communication is such that when one relaxes, one is usually more "in the moment" and able to function on a level receptive to both human and animals (or even other life forms like plants.) What happens, however, is that it is human nature to be tense and so focused that we assume that we are honing our communication and projecting our thought forms outward. This is not true. Relaxation and meditation techniques are far more effective. There are many classes and books available on the subject, and we too, offer workshops here on Long Island and are available nationally.

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