The American Vision Arts Institute, Inc.


The AVAI has been in existence since 1995.  Our goal has always been to encourage creative potential.  This 501c3 non-profit corporation is a program under the auspices of the NYS department of Education.  It is for the serious student.  Coursework is reasonable in price because we believe that excessive fees do not necessarily make outstanding education.  Students are expected to have some basic equipment.

Video and FilmIn the past, The AVAI, Inc. has had a show on Cablevision for young adults called Generation X.,Y,and ZWe train all age groups in film and video production and create a personal mentorship to get your media produced.  Minimally, students must have an inexpensive video camera.  A portfolio is encouraged but not required.

Theatre:  The AVAI, Inc. has produced one-and three- act plays--- both dramatic and comedic, held coffee house poetry readings and Open Mic Nights at our Poetry Place, and trains actors in every form of dramatic presentation technique.

Writing:  The AVAI, Inc. produces Unsilenced Voices a literary magazine containing poetry, short fiction, non-fiction and essays, art and photography.  This website has a blog and ample opportunity to express one's self in a non-abusive fashion.  Writing students can take courses in creative writing to improve material for publication.

Business Training:  The AVAI, Inc. in conjuction with Masterimage Media Consulting trains corporate personnel in improved communication, verbal and written, to meet the needs of a changing economic climate.  Fresh ideas frequently come from outside the corporate staff. 

We are also the home of:

The AVAI's Long Island Dalmatian Rescue &                 Canine-Human Education --- Le Blanc et Noir

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